UniversalRotak36-560 UK - CPZT210Y

UniversalRotak36-560 UK - CPZT210Y

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Product Code: CPZT210Y

  • The Universal Garden Tools from Bosch – flexible and powerful for a wide range of tasks

  • Easily adjust grass cutting height: Simply set grass length between 25 and 70 mm in 6 stages with just one click of a button

  • Comfortable work: Healthy working posture for every body size due to ergonomically designed ErgoFlex handles

  • Quiet mowing: Pleasant garden work with the cordless lawnmower due to the reduced noise by up to 30 Percent and balanced acoustics thanks to the ProSilence Technology

  • Collecting and shredding leaves: Easily collect, shred and dispose leaves thanks to the LeafCollect Blade

  • Brand Bosch Home and Garden
    Power Source Battery Powered
    Style Battery Lawnmower | 2 Batteries | 2.0 Ah
    Weight 15 Kilograms
    Cutting width 36 Centimetres
    Number of positions 6
    Operation mode Manual

    UniversalRotak36-560 UK - CPZT210Y