Kante Planter Concrete Fiberglass Iron Oxide - IIEIS3I8

Kante Planter Concrete Fiberglass Iron Oxide - IIEIS3I8

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  • MODERN CONCRETE BOWL PLANTER: This modern contemporary round planter with an authentic concrete finish and visible pores will add an elegant touch to your décor and be ideal for endless succulent designs

  • SMOOTH ROUND DESIGN: The smooth lines and round shape of this planter will help you maintain a sleek look throughout your space, while holding a good amount of plants without looking crowded

  • HANDMADE AND ECO-FRIENDLY: Made of lightweight concrete and fiberglass and has all the advantages of these materials, such as strength, durability, weather, UV and damage resistance, and long-lasting color

  • LARGE AND VERSATILE: Large bowl planter with drainage hole measures 20"W x 20"L x 10"H, and will match any home décor for outdoor and indoor, perfect for garden, deck, living room, bedroom, office or any lonely corner in need of love

  • 100% SATISFACTION: We are committed to providing the best customer service so if unsatisfied, let us know and we’ll provide return full refund or a replacement

  • These modern elegant round low bowl planters have authentic concrete finish with visible pores and smooth lines which make them beautiful contemporary pieces, ideal for endless succulent designs. The look and feel is true concrete but it weighs substantially less than it looks, making it easier to move around. It is smooth instead of rough concrete potters you might be used to. The size is very generous and can hold a good amount of plants without looking crowded. Would look great on apartment balcony, large backyard patio, or throughout your garden to add variety and color. Made of lightweight concrete and weather-resistant fiberglass through an eco-friendly manufacturing process. This composite material has no rubber, plastic, and steel. This planter has all the advantages of concrete such as strength, durability, weather and damage resistance. Has strong UV resistant ability and stay well in wind, rain, hot and cold season. With different color variations including the special rusty finish planters. This new series of planters is an amazing gift from nature, involving no acid or liquid that pollutes the environment, already well processed in production. The special ferrous powder and iron preparation added in its coating will penetrate deep into the cement. The surface oxidizes with sunlight and moisture in the air and gives out a blaze of color. When the flowerpot is delivered to you, its surface has been oxidized for some time, which explains the colors it takes on. On this basis, they will continue to change as time goes by like a watercolor painting of nature, recording the color of the wind, the smell of sunlight, and the temperature of moisture. Each flowerpot records the wonderful and magical changes of nature in its own way. It does not require extra chemical handling by you. Spraying water would expedite the color-changing if preferred. Place the flowerpot anywhere you want and leave it to the brush of nature. Outside in the open garden, it sings a bit of diversity to your garden poetry; indoors, it blows a breath of fresh air; in an obscure corner, it highlights your unique taste.

    Kante Planter Concrete Fiberglass Iron Oxide - IIEIS3I8