AdvancedRotak 36-750 - JERCSST1

AdvancedRotak 36-750 - JERCSST1

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  • The Advanced garden tools from Bosch – most powerful for the highest demands and biggest projects

  • Quiet mowing: pleasant garden work with the cordless lawnmower due to the reduced noise by up to 60% and balanced acoustics thanks to the ProSilence Technology

  • Easily adjusted cutting height: simply set grass length between 25 and 80 mm in 7 stages with just one click of a button

  • Comfortable mowing: healthy working posture for every body size due to height adjustable ErgoSlide handles

  • Collecting and shredding leaves: easily collect, shred and dispose leaves due to the LeafCollect Blade

  • Bosch lawnmower

    Quiet mowing – with cordless freedom and excellent results. The AdvancedRotak 36-750
    provides balanced acoustics and up to 60% reduced noise thanks to the ProSilence Technology.
    The cordless lawnmower furthermore supports a healthy posture with adjustable ErgoSlide handles
    to fit user’s height. Easily adjust the height of cut for grass lengths 25 mm and 80 mm
    by selecting one of 7 stages with just one click of button. Cut close to the edge
    without the need to use a lawn edger thanks to the AdvancedRotak 36-750 grass combs.

    Technical details

    • Input power: 36 V

    • Battery capacity: 4 Ah

    • Recommended lawn area: 750 m²

    • Grass box capacity: 50 l

    • Width of cut: 46 cm

    • Height of cut: from 25-80 mm

    • Height-of-cut settings: 7

    • Weight: 17.5 kg

    Scope of supply

    • AdvancedRotak 36-750

    • 1 battery pack 36V/4.0Ah lithium-ion battery

    • Charger AL 3620 CV

    • Cardboard box

    AdvancedRotak 36-750 - JERCSST1